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Worldwide Shipping

Any size, any product at any location*

At Vipex we offer a complete range of domestic and international cargo shipping customized services to your needs: from small packages to Full Containers, from dry goods to Frozen & Perishable. We ensure that your product arrives on time at a reasonable cost.

Domestic Shipping: Shipping through all US including Door to door service, drop off, pickups and special deliveries

  • Air Freight

  • Truck Freight (LTL & FTL)

  • Intermodal

  • Parcel 

International Shipping: Shipping from and to all Continents, with door to door service, pickups, drop off and shipping consolidations

  • Air Freight: Air Cargo & Aircraft Cargo Chartering

  • Ocean Freight (LCL & FCL)

  • Truck Freight (Mexico & Canada)

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